Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zak Stevens Of Circle II Circle And Alex Gutierrez Of Mortillery 3/3/13

 My Guest This Week Is
Zak Stevens Of Circle II Circle
And Alex Gutierrez Of Mortillery
Sunday 3/3/13 At 6:00pm EST


Violent Force 5/3/85 Germany (M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Violent Force Were Featured On
This Weeks Metal Matinee "Out Of Time"
Here Is A Show From Germany Circa 1985
The Show Is In One MP3 File.
I Had No Time To Seperate It And
Get The Song List Sorry.
Listen Here For  
"Out Of Time"

Violent Force 5/3/85 Germany

Missing Some Songs
If You Know Them Send It To Me.

4-Destructed Life
7-Dead City

Violent Force

Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Out Of Time" 2/28/13 On The Metal Matinee

Sooner Or Later We All Run Out Of Time
This Week On The Metal Matinee
Thursday 2/28/13 At 12:00pm EST

Kuda Buxx First Demo (Demo-Lition Segment)

Kuda Buxx
I Dug This Demo Up Out Of My Collection
And I Have No Info On It At All.
The Name & Year Are All I Know.
 I Took A Guess At Some Of The Song Titles
 But I Have No Clue If They Are Even Close To Being Right.
I Have Never Seen This Tape Out There Being Traded
So If Anyone Know's What The Songs Are Let Me Know.
Check Out This Weeks Show With My Guest
Paul Speckmann Of Master
Kuda Buxx First Demo:
(Not Sure If Title's Are Right-Too A Wild Guess)
Into The Night-?
Don't Say Surrender-?
I'm Running Free-?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paul Speckmann Of Master 2/24/13

My Guest This Week Is
Paul Speckmann Of Master
Sunday 2/24/13 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Steeler 4/23/83 Hollywood,Ca (M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Before Going Hollywood Steeler Started Out In
Ron Keels Hometown Of Tennessee. Here Is A
Concert From Their California Days. Once Again
Thanks To Strad For Sending This To Me.
Listen Here For This Weeks Metal Matinee
Steeler 4/23/83 Hollywood Ca:
On The Roxx
Back Street Driver
Born To Rock
Down To The Driver
Hot On Your Heels
Cold Day In Hell


Sunday, February 17, 2013

"The United States Of Metal:Tennessee" 2/21/13 On The Metal Matinee

The Music Capitol Becomes The Metal Capitol
On This Weeks Metal Matinee
Thursday 2/21/13 At 12:00pm EST

No Quarter 'Uncertain Future' Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

NWOBHM Band No Quarter Are Featured
 In The Demo-Lition Segment This Week
Here Is Their Second Demo From 1982.
For This Weeks Show With My Guest
Julian Mendez Of Heretic
No Quarter - Uncertain Future
No Quarter 'Uncertain Future' Demo:
Racing For Home
Wildfire Woman
Time And Space
Can You Feel It

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Neil Murray Of Snakecharmer And Julian Mendez Of Heretic 2/17/13

My Guest This Week Are
Neil Murray Of Snakecharmer,Whitesnake
And Julian Mendez Of Heretic

Scorpions 1/14/91 Rotterdam(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

It Looks Like The Scop's Decided To Not Retire
And Thats A Good Thing For Us Fans.
Scorpions Are The Featured Artist On This Weeks
Metal Matinee "My Metal Valentine V"

Listen To This Weeks Show Here:
"My Metal Valentine V"
Scorpions 1/14/91 Rotterdam Holland:
Tease Me,Please Me
Lust And Love
Bad Boys Running Wild
The Zoo
Wind Of Change
Can't Explain
Don't Believe Her
Rythm Of Love
Crazy World
Can't Live Without You
Black Out
Hit Between The Eyes
Big City Nights
Still Loving You
Rock You Like A Hurricane

Sunday, February 10, 2013

'My Metal Valentine V' 2/14/13 On The Metal Matinee

Bringing You All The Love......
Heavy Metal Style On This Weeks Matinee

Arsin 'Catch The Wind' Demo (Demo-Lition Segment)

California Power Metal Act Arsin
Put Out This Demo Tape In 1985
Not Much Else Out There On The Band.
Check Out This Weeks Show
 With My Guest Danko Jones
Arsin - Photo
Arsin 'Catch The Wind' Demo:
Dying To Live
Shadows Of The Witch

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Danko Jones Of Danko Jones 2/10/13

My Guest This Week Is
Danko Jones Of Danko Jones
Sunday starting At 6:00pm EST

Helstar 12/3/83 Houston TX(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Thanks To Strad For This Great Early
Show From Back In 1983. Listen To Helstar
And A Dozen Other Bands Fronted By
James Rivera On This Weeks Metal Matinee.
Listen Here For
Helstar 12/3/83 Houston TX.
Lights Out
Swords And Tequilla
Towards The Unknown
Burning Star
He's A Woman
Leather And Lust
Neon Knights
The Shadows Of Iga
Phantom Of The Opera
Run With The Pack

Sunday, February 3, 2013

'Six Degrees Of James Rivera" 2/7/13 On The Metal Matinee

Metal's Man About Town James Rivera
Is Connected To So Many Bands Today
We Play Them All (Or As Many Will Fit Into 60 minutes)
Thursday 2/7/13 At 12:00pm EST

Warlock First Demo 1983(Demo-Lition Segment)

Since The Queen Of Metal Is My Guest This Sunday
I Think I'll Offer Up Warlocks First Demo Tape From 83'
For This Weeks Show With My Guest
Eric Peterson Of Testament & Doro Pesch Of Doro
Warlock First Demo 1983:
Burning The Witches
Iron Lady
Cry For The Rebel
Watch Out