Thursday, June 28, 2012

Metal Mike Chlasciak Of Halford And Bridgette Oliver Of Siva Addiction 7/1/12

This Week My Guest Are Metal Mike Chlasciak Of Halford
And Bridgette Oliver Of Siva Addiction
Sunday 7/1/12 At 6:00pm EST

Saintly Sinner 9/12/85 Lamour,Brooklyn NY(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Saintly Sinner

Here Is One From The Vaults Of Mayhem!
NY's Saintly Sinner Were A Classic Power Metal Band
Who Bounced Around The Scene For Years Putting
Out A Few Demo Tapes In That Time.
Here Is A Show From Lamour In 1985.

Listen Here For:

1-Egyptian Eyes
2-No Room Left In Hell
3-The Beast
4-Down Behind The Lines
5-Proud To Be American

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"1776" 6/28/12 On The Metal Matinee

Celebrate Independence Day The Hard And Heavy Way!
Thursday 6/28/12 At 1:00pm EST On The Metal Matinee

Listen Here

Zoltan(Pre/Ex Keen Hue) 1984 Demo(Demo-Lition Segment Artist)


I Have Not One Bit Of Info On This Band.
All I Know Is The Name And Year Of The Demo.
I'm Not Even Sure If The Song Titles Are Right.
 I Kinda Went By The Chorus' But It's A Long Forgotten
Piece From Heavy Metal Days Gone Bye. 
If Anyone Knows Anything More... Please Me Know.

Follow Up.. Thanks To Strappado For The Info:

KEEN HUE was formed in 1982 and released a 7" single the same year and attended some rock competitions before changing their name in 1984 to ZOLTAN (the name of Draculas dog), a demo was also recorded this year. However they soon became KEEN HUE again and released two full-lenght albums, also contributed with the song "Fly Away Honey" on the 'Rockbox (1989)' compilation. KEEN HUE was the opening-act for MOTÖRHEAD and HELIX in 1987.

For Tonights Show
Listen Here

Zoltan 1984 Demo

1-True Liar
2-Prince But Guiltless
3-Come MeetUs(Tonight)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rick Mythiasin Of Steel Prophet And Pat Burns Of Deathrash 6/24/12

This Week My Guest Are
Rick Mythiasin Of Steel Prophet
 Pat Burns Of Deathrash
Sunday 6/24/12 At 6:00pm EST

Dio 8/15/84 Nassau Coliseum,NY(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Dio Is Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "Watching You"
Here Is A Show I Taped In Long Island Back In 1984

Listen Here For:
"Watching You

Dio 8/15/84 Long Island,NY

2-Stand Up And Shout
3-Don't Talk To Strangers
6-Holy Diver
7-Drum Solo
8-Heaven And Hell
9-The Last In Line
10-Rainbow In The Dark
11-Man On The Silver Mountain
12-Long Live Rock And Roll
13-Mob Rules


Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Watching You" 6/21/12 On The Metal Matinee

Big Brother Is Watching You!
Today On The Metal Matinee.
Thursday 6/21/12 At 1:00pm EST

Hallows Eve 'Tales Of Terror' Demo(Demo-Lition Segment Artist)

Hallows Eve Are Featured In Tonight's Demo-Lition Segment
Here Is The Bands First Demo From 1984.
The Band Came Back With A Brutal Album
A Few Years Back Called 'The Neverending Sleep'
But Little Has Been Heard Since Then.
I Hope There Is More To Come.
For Tonights Show:
Listen Here

Hallows Eve - Tales of Terror
Hallows Eve 'Tales Of Terror' Demo

1-Hallows Eve
2-Metal Merchants

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rick Bouwman,Rop Van Haren,Marcel Heesakkers Of Martyr,Matt Moliti Of Dark Empire And Author Michael Toney 6/17/12

This Week My Guest Is Rick Bouwman,Rop Van Haren,
Marcel Heesakkers Of Martyr, Matt Moliti Of Dark Empire!
And Author Michael Toney Sunday 6/17/12 At 6:00pm EST

Listen Here

On This Weeks Show,My Guest Michael Toney
Author Of 'Tales From The Stage,Vol I'
 Offered All The Listeners Of The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show
A 10% Discount Off His Book(Hard Cover Or E-Book).
Head To His Website And Enter Coupon Code HMM.
Metal Fan's Should Not Miss Out On The Best Read Of 2012.

Twisted Sister 10/3/84 Hammersmith Odeon(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Twisted Sister Were The Featured Band On Today's Metal Matinee
"Never Too Old To Rock And Roll". Here Is Radio Broadcast Of
The Band From The Hammersmith Odeon Back In 1984.

Listen Here For:
"Never Too Old For Rock n Roll"

Twisted Sister 10/3/84 Hammersmith Odeon:

1-You Can't Stop Rock And Roll
2-Burn In Hell
3-I Am I'm Me
4-Like A Knife In The Back
5-Under The Blade
6-I Wanna Rock
7-Were Gonna Make It

Twisted Sister

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Never Too Old To Rock N Roll" 6/14/12 On The Metal Matinee

Age Is Just A Number When It Comes To Rock And Roll.
And It's Not A Social Security One Either...
Thursday 6/14/12 At 6:00pm EST

Wargod 1985 Demo(Demo-Lition Sgment Artist)

 Gene Hoglans First Band Is Featured
In Tonights Demo-Lition Segment.
Wargod Put Out Two Demo Tapes In Th Mid 80's
Here Is The Groups First From 1985.
Lee Rausch Of Megadeth And Th Late Michel Meldrum
Of Post Mortem Also Played In Wargod.

For Tonights Show:
Listen Here

Wargod - Demo 85
Wargod 1985 First Demo:

1-Day Of Atonement
4-Preservd Corpse

Day Of Atonement Is a 50 Second Intro
 Track 1&2 Are All In One MP3


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Leif Edling Of Candlemass 6/10/12

This Week My Guest Is
Leif Edling Of Candlemass
Sunday 6/10/12 At 6:00pm EST

Myth 10/30/82 Lake Hills Seattle(M.M. Bootleg Artist

Myth Were The Featured Artist On Today's
 Metal Matinee. "Flames Of Fire"
This Comes From My Collection And I'm Positive I Have
Never Seen Another Myth Live Bootleg Anywhere.
I'm Not Sure Who Is Singing,It Sounds Like Geoff Tate,
But The Year Of The Show Is 1982 And That Is The Same
Year The Queensryche EP Came Out. So It Is Probably
Brent Young On Vocals. I figured Out Most Of Tracks,
If Anyone Knows The Titles To The Rest Of Them
Please Send Me A Messsage.

Listen Here To

Myth 10/30/82 Lake Hills Seattle:

4-Walk In The Shadows
5-Into Battle?(Not Sure)
6-Take Hold Of The Flame
7-Iron Curtain
8-No Sanctuary

Link Updated 9/1/13

Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Flames Of Fire" 6/7/12 On The Metal Matinee

Things Are Getting Hot On This Week's Metal Matinee!
Thursday 6/7/12 At 1:00pm EST

Sodom(Sieges Even) 1983 Demo(M.M. Featured Artist)


Once Upon A Time In The Heavy Metal Kingdom Of Germany
 Two Sodoms Co-Existed For Many Years. The Thrash Metal Sodom
We All Know And Love.
Plus The Power Metal Sodom No One Ever Heard Of.
Both Band's Formed Around The Same Time And Played The Same Circut.
Tonights Version of Sodom Produced One Demo Tape And In 1986
Finally Changed Their Name To Sieges Even.

Here Is Their One And Only Output As Sodom,I Also Have A
Live Bootleg I Will Get Up On Here Soon.

For Tonights Show
Listen Here

Sodom 1983 Demo:

1-The Angel Will Die
2-Crazy Horde