Friday, July 31, 2009

Lace First Demo(Demo-lition Segment)


Lace Were A NY Metal Band Who Performed In Lipstick & Leather,A Cross Between Twisted Sister And Wrathchild But When They Hit The Stage It Was Pure Heavy Metal. Not What You Would Have Expected From Their Image. I Remember Seeing These Guys A Few Times At Lamours And They Blew Me Away. Unfortunately ,Not Much Came Out Of Them Besides Their Demo's And A 7" Single Featuring Nervous Breakdown & Never Let Go.

Lace-First Demo 1984

1-Nervous Breakdown
2-Never Let Go
3-Leaving You Behind


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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show 8/2/10

 Sacred Oath Were Unable To Call In For My Interview With Rob Thorn Check Out The Show On 8/26/09*
My Guest This Sunday 8/2/09 Are Rob Thorne And Kenny Evans Of Coneticut's Sacred Oath. The Band Has Just Released It's Latest Record The Self Titled 'Sacred Oath' Their Second Since Reforming Some Years Back. I'll Find Out What The Band Has In Store For Us In The Future.

Motorhead 7/20/75 Roundhouse London (WMM Concert Series)

Motorhead Were Featured On Todays Wednesday Metal Matinee So Here Is A Copy Of The Bands First Concert From The Roundhouse In London 7/20/75 Featuring Lemmy On Bass And Vovals,Larry Wallis On Guitar And Lucas Fox On Drums.

Motorhead Live 7/20/75 Roundhouse London

01 - Motorhead
02 - Leaving Here
03 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
04 - Lost Johnny
05 - City Kids
06 - Silver Machine
07 - Waiting For The Man


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Three Of A Kind" 7/29/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

Big Things Come In Small Packages ! "Three of A Kind" Featuring Three Piece Powerhouses. On The Wednesday Metal Matinee 7/29/09 At 1:00pm EST.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blind Illusion "Slow Death" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Blind Illusion were a Bay Area thrash band that never broke big .They released one album "The Sane Asylum" in 1988 plus a handful of demo tapes. They were known for featuring a who's who of metal including: Les Claypool,Larry Lalonde,David Godfrey and Mainstay Marc Biederman.
This is their 1986 Demo "Slow Death" Enjoy.
Blind Illusion - Slow Death

Blind Illusion "Slow Death" Demo 1986

1-Slow Death
2-Vengeance Is Mine

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joe Hasselvander Of The Hounds Of Hasselvander 7/26/09

Joe Hasselvander Of The Hounds Of Hasselvander,Raven,Blue Cheer,Phantom Lord,Savoy Brown And So Much More Is My Special Guest. 7/26/09 Starting At 6:00pm EST On Blog Talk Radio's Heavy Metal Mayhem

Destructor Live 9/21/85 Radio Broadcast(WMM Concert Series)

Borrowed This Show From Another Site I Contribute To. Destructor Were Featured On Todays Show. The United States Of Metal:Ohio. This Is A Live Broadcast For WRUR College Radio From 1985. Excellent Quality.

Destructor 9/21/85 Live WRUR Radio

01- overdose
02 - maximum destruction
03 - take command
04 - bring down the hammer
05 - destructor
06 - g-force
07 - black knight
08 - pounding evil
09 - hot wet leather bondage

Link Was Removed By Megaupload.
I No Longer Have This Concert.
If Anyone Has This Show Please Send To Me!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The United States Of Metal:Ohio 7/22/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

The Road Trip Continues Our Next Stop: Ohio. Spotlighting The Heartlands Heaviest Metal. 7/22/09 Starting At 1:00pm EST On The Wednesday Metal Matinee.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ripper "Ripper" Demo 1985(Demo-lion Segment)

Ripper, Texas Horror Metal Veterans Began Life In The Late 70' And Continued Playing Until Around 1990. They Released Todays Offering Their 1985 Demo and A Full Length Record "...And The Dead Shall Rise In 1986. esurrected From The Dead In 2005 Ripper Released "The Dead Have Rizen Last Year To Reclaim Their Scepter Of Death. Pick Up Rippers Latest Record.

Ripper - Ripper

Ripper-Ripper Demo 1985:

1-Sinister Minister
2-Death Awaits You
4-Night Cruizer


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Symptom 7 7/19/09 On Heavy Metal Mayhem

Dan,Eddy Joe And Geoff Of Symptom 7 Are My Guest This Sunday Night. Come Check Out One Of NY's Finest Metal Bands This Sunday Night 7/19/09 At 6:00pm EST.

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Manowar 4/29/89 Florence Italy(WMM Concert Series)

This Weeks WMM Concert Series Features Manowar From Todays "Seven Deadly Sins" Show.
Excellent Sound Quality Manowar Show From Florence,Italy 1989 Featuring The Kings Of Metal Manowar! Pick Up The Bands Latest EP Thunder In The Sky.

Manowar 4/29/89 Florence,Italy

01 Intro
02 Manowar
03 Fighting The World
04 Guitar Solo
05 Kings Of Metal
06 Sign Of The Hammer
07 Heart Of Steel
8 Bass Solo
09 Sting Of The Bumblebee
10 Hail And Kill
11 Kill With Power
12 Wheels Of Fire
13 Battle Hymn

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"The Seven Deadly Sins" 7/15/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

The Sin Deadly Sins Meet Their Heavy Metal Match On This Weeks Episode Of The Wednesday Metal Matinee. Who's Greed, Who's Sloth Tune In And Find Out. 7/15/09 Starting At 1:00pm EST

Friday, July 10, 2009

Warhead 1984 Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Warhead Are From NYC.They Played The Scene From The Early 80's to Around 1987 Before breaking Up. They Released Two Demo's This Was Their First From 1984
and they Released A Second Tape Called "On The Run" In 1986.

Warhead - Demo 1984

Warhead(USA) 1984 Demo:

1-I'm A Killer
3-Fight For Your Life
4-Path Of Destruction


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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taz Taylor of The Taz Taylor Band 7/12/09

Calling In Is Taz Taylor Of TTB. The Guitar Ace Has Just Released His Latest Record Straight Up . TTB Are Bringing That Classic Hard Rock Sound Back To Life. Join Me Sunday 7/12/09 When I Find Out More About TTB.

Obsession 1/28/84 Cheers,NY(WMM Concert Series)

Todays Live Show Is By One of My All Time Favorite Bands. Obsession ! These Guys Never Got The Credit They Deserve. So Take A Look And A Listen To What You Missed In The Good Old Days. On Todays Metal Matinee I Played Evil In Her Eyes From The Bands First Demo From 1983. The Same Track Recorded For The Bands Obsession Album From 2008( Japan Only Release)

Cheers NY 1/28/84 NY

1. Take No Prisoner
2. Only the Strong Will Survive
3. Hatred Unto Death
4. In for the Kill
5. Barbaric Invasion
6. Execution
7. Killer Elite
8. Wex / Where there's a Whip
9. Shadows of Steel
10. Marshall Law


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Sunday, July 5, 2009

"A Little Bit Of Evil" 7/8/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

Getting "A Little Bit Of Evil" On The Wednesday Metal Matinee. Playing Songs That Evoke The Evil In Us. /8/09 Starting At 1:00pm EST.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wrathchild 1985 Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Wrathchild America Was Called Just Wrathchild In The Begining. More Hard Rock Than Heavy Metal. The Band Changed Their Name As Not To Be Confused With The Glam Band From the UK With the Same Name. The Songs are Balls Out Hard Rock. It's A Shame The Band Swept This Part Of Thier History Under The Carpet. I Was Going To Post This In A Few Weeks But Another Site Beat Me To It So Im Using Their Link And Password. Thanks
Wrathchild 1985 Demo:

1-Armed To Deliver
3-Heartache Queen
4-Metal Madness
5-Roll The Dice

Wrathchild America

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday America 7/5/09

Lets Celebrate The Fourth Of July Weekend With An American Metal Special. Happy Birthday America Heavy Metal Mayhem Style 7/5/09 Starting at 6:00pm EST

Motley Crue 5/29/83 US Festival(WMM Concert Series)

Motley Crues Live Show, Taken From The Soundboard at The US Festival, Held In San Berdino,Ca. May 29th 1983 At Glen Helen Park. The Crue Were A Young And Raw(Not To Mention Out of Tune) Band. They Were Playing Out In Support Of Their Second LP 'Shout At The Devil' Not Long After They Broke Big.

Motley Crue 5/29/83 US Festival

1. Take Me To The Top
2. Looks That Kill
3. Bastard
4. Shout At The Devil
5. Merry Go Round
6. Knock 'Em Dead Kid
7. Piece Of The Action
8. Live Wire
9. Helter Skelter

Motley Crue

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