Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Todd Hall ,Ned Meloni And Jack Starr of Burning Starr 10/4/09

The Starr Is Burning Bright Once Again. With The Return Of Jack Starrs Buing Starr. Joing Me This Week Are Todd Michael Hall,Ned Meloni And Jack Starr. 10/4/10 Starting At 6:00pm EST
Listen Here:

Mercyful Fate 10/5/1982 Copenhagen Denmark(WMM Concert Series)

Mercyful Fate Were Played On Todays "The Year In Metal: 1982" Show And That Makes Them My Wednesday Metal Matinee Concert Series Artist. Below Classic Concert From 1982 Featuring Fate From Their Home Town Of Copenhagen Denmark.

Mercyful Fate 10/5/82 Odd Fellow Palaeet, Copenhagen Denmark :

01 - Black Funeral
02 - Curse Of The Pharohs
03 - Into The Coven
04 - A Corpse Without Soul
05 - Return Of The Vampire
06 - Devil Eyes
07 - Nightmare
08 - Nuns Have No Fun
09 - Satans Fall

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"The Year In Metal: 1982" 9/30/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

Heading Back Into The Time Machine Once Again For A Trip Down Memory Lane. This Time We Revist The Year 1982 And All It's Classic Metal Releases.
9/30/09 At 1:00pm EST

Friday, September 25, 2009

Death Angel "Heavy Metal Insanity" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

This is the first demo by Death Angel."Heavy Metal Insanity" from 1983. It shows a young band with a different sound than the band we've come to know over the years. This demo features Gus and Rob on vocals..Mark was not yet in the band. Great sounding tape considering it is over 25 years old.

Death Angel - Heavy Metal Insanity
Death Angel-Heavy Metal Insanity Demo 1983:

1-No Time For Love
2-The Hunted
4-Barren Land

Death Angel

Link Updated 1/10/13

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

London Wilde & Dave Starr of Wildestarr 9/27/09 On Heavy Metal Mayhem

Former Vicious Rumors Bass Player Dave Starr And Singer London Wilde Join Forces To Bring Us The Next Sound In Heavy Metal....Wildestarr. This Sunday 9/27/09 At 6:00pm EST.

Helstar 10/25/86 Madison,WI(M.M. Bootleg Concert Series)

Helstar Were Featured On Todays Show With Their Song 'Angel Of Death' And That Makes Them This Weeks Wednesday Metal Matinee Concert Series Artist. Here Is A Great Show From The Late 80's The Band Played In Switzerland. Pick Up the Bands Latest Record "The King Of Hell".

Helstar 10/25/86 Madison WI.
Remnants Of War
Towards The Unknown
Witches Eye
Angel Of Death
Evil Reign
Burning Star
Link Updated 6/13/14

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Killed By Death" 9/23/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

There Are Lots Of Ways To Be Killed During Your Life...But The Best Is When Your "Killed By Death" A Metal Heads Death List. 9/23/09 At 1:00pm EST On The Wednesdays Metal Matinee.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bent Sirkis "Kill Your Immediate Family" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

A True Metal Rarity. Bent Sirkis Were From Upstate NY and Had A Warped Sense Of Humor. The Metal Is Pure 80's Thrash. Bent Sirkis Took The Alice Cooper Style Stage Show and Themes To New Levels. Enjoy This Demo From 1986.
Bent Sirkis - Kill Your Immediate Family

Bent Sirkis "Kill Your Immediate Family" Demo:

1.Fire Up The Furnace
2.Shut Up
3.Wake The Dead
4.Serious As Death
5.Dead Don't Die

Bent Sirkis

Link Updated 1/10/13

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Steve Michaels & Benny Ranson of Death Mask 9/20/09

Death Mask Are Back And Steve Michael And Benny Ranson Are My Guest Sunday 9/20/09 Starting At 6:00pm EST . Lets Split The ATom Once Again!

Savatage 9/30/84 Brandon Florida(WMM Concert Series)

Last Week Nasty Savage, This Week Savatage ! Florida Produces More Than Oranges In The 80's It Gave Us Some Of the Best Heavy Metal. To Go With This Weeks Timeline: Savatage Show A ClassiConcert From The Bands Early Days.

Savatage 9/30/84 Brandon Florida:

1. The Whip
2. Holocaust
3. I Believe
4. Fountain of Youth
5. Four on the Floor
6. Midas Knight
7. Lady on Leather
8. Guardian of Forever
9. By the Grace of the Witch
10. Stuck on You11. Warriors
12. Twisted Little Sister
13. No More Saturady Nights
14. Sirens
15. The Dungeons are Calling
16. City Beneath the Surface
17. Son of a Bitch18. Visions
19. Power of the Night

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Timeline: Savatage" 9/16/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

In This Timeline Series I Give You Savatage! Their Musical History From Start To End. 9/16/09 At 1:00pm EST on This Weeks Wednesday Metal Matinee.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Flotsam & Jetsam "Metal Shock" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Last Year Craig And Eric AK Were My Guest. This Year For The One Year Anniversary Show I Feature Their "Metal Shock" Demo From 1985. F&J Were More Than Just The Band That Featured Future Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted. F&J Have Been Putting Out Great Heavy Metal For Two Plus Decades. Lets Go Back To The Begining. With The Bands Second Demo.

Flotsam and Jetsam - Metal Shock

Flotsam & Jetsam-Metal Shock Demo:

2-The Evil Sheikh
3-I Live You Die
4-The Beast Withen


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

John Gallagher Of Raven One Year Anniversary Show

John Gallagher Of Raven Joins In On The Mayhem Tonight And Helps To Celebrate The Shows One Year Anniversary. Tonight We All Walk Through Fire!!

Listen Here

Nasty Savage 11/3/85 Montreal,Canada(WMM Concert Series)

Nasty Savage Blood,Guts and Brutal Metal. One Of My All Time Favorite Bands. Fronted By The Master of Mayhem, Nasty Ronnie These Guys Delivered The Good On Record And On Stage. Enjoy This Show From Canada's WWIII Festival In 1985.

Nasty Savage- 11/3/85 Montreal Canada

1 No Sympathy
2 Gladiator
3 Unchained Angel
4 Fear Beyond The Vision
5 Asmodeus
6 Dungeon Of Pleasure
7 Indulgence
8 Metal Knights
9 End Of Time

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"100th Show" 9/9/9 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

It's My Show's 100th Episode! Want To Thank Everyone For Listening And Helping To Make The Show What It Is. Tune In 9/9/09 at 1:00pm EST On Blog Talk For A Special Extended Wednesday Metal Matinee.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Torment(NJ)-Take Every Life Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Torment Were One Of Two NJ's Metal Bands Named Torment. This One Released Two Demo Tapes In The 80's, Todays Offering 'Take Every Life' And 'Death Toll'. This Demo Also Went By The Name Harum Scarum.

Torment - Take Every Life

Torment-Take Every Life Demo 1987:

1-Take Every Life
3-Strive To Win
5-Hello Insanity

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jerry Franklin of Dyers Eve 9/6/09

Checking In This Weekend Are Jerry Franklin Of NJ's Dyers Eve.
Reformed And Reforged... The Return Has Started!
Sunday  9/6/09 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Zoetrope 3/22/85 Metro Chicago,Illinois(WMM Concert Series)

Thanks To A Fellow Tape Trader For This Post. Zoetrope Were Featured On Todays Wednesday Metal Matinee "The United States Of Metal:Illinois" A Great Band You Never Quite Made It Above Underground Status. The Kings Of Street Metal Live In Chicago 1985.

Zoetrope-Live 3/22/85 The Metro Chicago,Ill.

1) Intro
2) Break Your Back
3) Kill the Enemy
4) Prohibition
5) Indecent Obsession
6) Amnesty
7) Seeking Asylum
8) Member in a Gang
9) Unbridled Energy
10) Mercenary
11) Detention
12) Speed Zone
13) Trip Wires