Sunday, January 31, 2010

'The Wide World Of Metal:France" 2/4/10 On The Metal Matinee

Grab Your Passport Were Heading To France For This Edition Of The Wide World Of Metal. Lets Take Off This Thursday 2/4/10 At 12:00pm EST.

Satan "Dirt" Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

All Hail Satan....Not The Devil,The Band! Satan Released A Hand Full Od Demo Tapes In The Early 80's. And After Their Debut Album Court In The Act, They Changed The Band's Name To Blind Fury. In 1986 With Michael Jackson(Different Singer) They Returned To The Sayan Name And Recorded The Dirt Demo, With Several To Follow.
 Here Is The Dirt Demo From 1986.

For This Weeks Show
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Satan - Dirt Demo '86

Satan Dirt Demo:

1-Fuck You
2-Hear Evil,See Evil,Speak Evil
3-Ice Man
4-Key To Oblivion


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

David Franco & Scotty The Body Of Lost Legacy 1/31/10

"In The Aftermath Only One Will Survive". Joining Me This Week Are David Franco And Scotty The Body Of NY's Lost Legacy. 1/31/10 Starting At 6:00pm EST.
Delivering The Fist Of Metal For 12 Years!

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Wargasm 12/5/1986 Boston,MA(MM Bootleg)


Wargasm Were Featured On The MM Show "Barrage Of Bullets". A Killer Band That Went Through A Few Name Changes(Overkill,Maniac) Before Their Current Moniker. Wargasm Reunited In 2004. So Keep Your Eye Out For More.

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Wargasm 12/5/10 Boston,MA:

1. Bullets & Blades
2. Revenge
3. Poor Bastards Die
4. Undead
5. Suicide Squad
6. The Hawk
7. Whiplash
8. Wasteland


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Barrage Of Bullets" 1/28/10 On The Metal Matinee

Coming At You This Week With A "Barrage Of Bullets" On The Metal Matinee. Dont Miss Some Of The Best Heavy Metal And Hard Rock Out There. 1/28/10 At 12:00pm EST.

Oblivion Knight-First Demo 1987(Demo-lition Segment)

Oblivion Knight Started Out Life In Alabama..But Reloctaed To Texas Die To It's It's Burgeoning Metal Scene. The Band Also Featured Original Dream Theater Vocalist Chris Collins At One Point. But Not On This Their First Demo From 1987

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Oblivin Knight-First Demo:

1. Clash with the Knight
2. Sword in Hand
3. Beyond the gates
4. The Omega

Oblivion Knight

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pat Burns Of Deathrash 1/24/10

25 Years In The Making And Well Worth The Wait, Deathrash Go Into The Pit, With Their Debut Album "Thrash Beyond Death" Join Me And My Guest Pat Burns 1/24/10 Starting At
6:00pm EST.

Stormwitch 8/29/84 Ludwigsburg(MM Bootleg)

Stormwitch Were Featured On This Weeks Metal Matinee Show, "Angels & Demons". Still Going Strong 30 Years After Forming. Lets Go Back To The Early Days And Enjoy This Concert From 1984. Thanks To LJ Gang For The Link.

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Stormwitch 8/29/84 Live Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg:

1. Evil Omen (Intro), Beware The Demons

2. Light The Pyre
3. Bloodsucker
4. White Saints In Hell
5. Children Of The Night
6. Buried Alive
7. Long Boats On The Horizon


Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Angels & Demons" 1/21/10 On The Metal Matinee

The Battle Of Heaven And Hell Has BStarted With The "Angels And Demons" On This Episode Of The Metal Matinee 1/21/10 At 12:00pm EST.

Attak 1985 Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Attak Came Out Of California In The Mid Eighties. This Was The Groups Only Release Durring Their Heyday. Years Later A Best Of Compilation Came Out. The Best Way To Describe The Music Of Attak Is Early Virgin Steele.

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Attak - Demo 1985

Attak 1985 Demo:
1-Look To The Light
2-Come Alive
3-Winter Witches

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jeremy Goldberg Of Age Of Evil 1/17/10

Bonded By Blood,Bound To Metal. The Power Of Youth is On Display This Week When Age Of Evil Singer/Guitarist Jeremy Goldberg Is My Guest. Dont Miss This Chance To Hear The Next Generation Of Heavy Metal . Sunday 1/17/10 At 6:00pm EST

Fates Warning 5/14/88 Bayshore,NY (MM Bootleg)


Fates Warning Never Got The Credit They Deserve In Opinion. Some Of The Most Talented Musicians Around,Writing The Most Progressive & Intricate Songs Of Any Metal Band Out There. Thats Why They Are The Featured Artist On This Weeks Metal Matinee "The Year In Metal : 1984" With Debut Record "Night On Brocken" I Usually Feature A Live Concert From The Same Year But Was Too Lazy This Week To Transfer One Of My Cassettes To MP3.

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Fates Warning 5/14/88 Bayshore NY

1-No Exit/Anarchy Divine
2-Silent Cries
3-Valley Of The Dolls
4-Shades Of A Heavenly Death
5-The Apparition
6-The Ivory Gate Of Dreams
7-Daylight Dreamers
8-The Ivory Gate Of Dreams Pt. 3
9-The Ivory Gate Of Dreams Pt.4
10-Call Of Death

Fates Warning

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The Year In Metal:1984 1/14/10 On The Metal Matinee

The Countdown Continues. Half Way through Metal's Greatest Decade. Next Up 1984 And All The Great Music From That Year. 1/14/10 At 12:00pm EST On The Metal Matinee.

Thrust Second Demo 1983(Demo-lition Segment)

I Was A Big Fan Of The Band Back In The Early 80's(Still Am) Buying Thier Demo Tapes Directly Through The Group. Sadly After A Great Debut Album, The Line Up Collapsed And The Band Faded Away. 2000 Saw Some Action Again With A Second Record, But Not Else.
 So Here Is The Second Demo From 1983.

For This Weeks Show
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Thrust - Photo

Thrust Second Demo:

1. Heavier than hell
2. Back on the street
3. Fist held High
4. Stand up and fight
5. Metallic attack
6. Freedom fighters
7. Torture chamber
8. Overdrive
9. Thrasher
10. Intensity (instrumental)- No Mercy
11. Evil redeemer
12. Psycho killer


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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Betsy Bitch Of Bitch 1/10/10

The Bitch Is Back! Well...She Never Really Went Away But I Just Wanted To Write That. Betsy Bitch Of Bitch And Now Also Witch Is My Guest On This Episode Of Heavy Metal Mayhem. 1/10/10 Starting St 6:00pm EST.

Black Sabbath 9/2/78 Pittsburg,PA(MM Bootleg)


What Better Band To Usher In A New Decade Of Heavy Metal, Then The One's Who Created It...Black Sabbath. The Group Was Featured On The Metal Matine Show"Shock Treatment" .

For This Weeks Show
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Black Sabbath 9/2/78 Pittsburg,PA

01. Slowblind
02. Black Sabbath
03. Dirty Woman
04. Rock And Roll Doctor
05. Drum Solo-Jam
06. Guitar Solo-Jam (Orchid-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)
07. Electric Funeral
08. Iron Man
09. Fairies Wear Boots
10. Children Of The Grave
11. Paranoid

Black Sabbath

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Shock Treatment" 1/7/10 On The Metal Matinee

Strap On The Electrodes ...While I Turn Up The Juice. The Metal Matinee Is Now On Thursdays And I'm Jolting You Into The New Year With A Little "Shock Treatment" 1/7/10 At 12:00pm EST On The Metal Matinee.

Re-Animator(NY) "The Final Stage Of Evolution" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Here Is The One And Only Recording(As Far As I Know) Of NY's Re-Animator. I've Had This Demo For Many Year's But Know Little To Nothing About The Band Except It Kills.

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Re-Animator - The Final Stage of Evolution

Re-Animator "The Final Stage Of Evolution" Demo :
2-A Product Of The State
3-Kuru(laughing Death)
4-Nuclear Devastation

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