Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Going Down" 6/3/10 On The Metal Matinee

This Week On The Metal Matinee Lets Take A One Way Trip Down To Hell!Join Me And The Lords Of The Underworld This Thursday 6/3/10 At 12:00pm EST

Angelwitch First Demo 1979(Demo-lition Segment)

Here's An Oldie But Goodie, NWOBHM Masters Angel Witch And Their First Demo From 1979. The Band Have Split And Regrouped More Times Than Anyone Can Count. First Time Was Right After The Bands Debut Album. Based Around Original Member Kevin Heybourne They Just Released A New Live Album "Burn The Witch: Live In London" Enjoy Their First Demo.

For This Weeks Show
Angel Witch First Demo 1979
1-The Sorcerer
2-Devils Tower
3-White Witch
4-Extermination Day
Angel Witch

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dibih Tiberius of Tiberius Project & Tod Howarth of Frehleys Comets 5/30/10

Another Double Dose Of Metal This Week. From Brazil Singer Dibih Tiberius Of Tiberius Project And Frehleys Comet Guitarist Tod Howarth. 5/30/10 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Thin Lizzy 7/1/1976 Chicago,Ill(MMBootleg)

Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Started Its Rise In The 70's With Black Sabbath & Judas Priest And Closed Out The Decade ith Rise Of The NWOBHM. Bands Like Motorhead & Iron Maiden Rose From The Underground And Still Dominate Today. One Of The Most Underated Rock Bands Of The Decade Were Thin Lizzy. Here Is A Radio Broadcast I Found On The Internet. Not 100% Sure of The Date. For More Check Out Todays Show:

Listen Here To
"Super 70's"

Thin Lizzy,Riviera Theater,Chicago:

01 - Jailbreak
02 - The Boys Are Back In Town
03 - Emerald
04 - It's Only Money
05 - Blues Boy
06 - Warrior
07 - Rosalie
08 - Suicide
09 - Angel From The Coast
10 - Sha La La
11 - Baby Drives Me Crazy
12 - The Rocker

Thin Lizzy

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

"The Super 70's" 5/27/10 On The Metal Matinee

Lets Kick Off The Summer With Music From The Decade That Started It All, The 70's. Some Of Rock And Metal's Ealiest Bands On This Episode Of The Metal Matinee.
5/27/10 At 12:00pm EST

Jaded Lady 1985 Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

I Remember These Lovely Ladies When They Started Out As Leather Angel and Their One And Only Record "We Came To Kill". After Their Breakup, The Girls Formed Jaded Lady. Here Is A Copy Of The First Demo They Put Out In 1985.
 One Of The Earliest All Girl Metal Bands. Forming Around 1982.
Jaded Lady - Photo

Jaded Lady-1985 Demo:

1-Rock And Roll Aint Pretty
2-Break Free
3-On The Run

Jaded Lady

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jon Mikl Thor of Thor & Jimi Hazel, Rick Skattore & Spacey T of A.N.M 5/23/10

The Mighty Thor Is Back! With A New Greatest Hits Record And Tour, Jon Mikl Thor Joins In On The Mayhem Tonight. Along With The Members Of A.N.M
Starting at 6:00pm EST 5/23/10.

Nuclear Assault 6/11/92 Newark NJ(MM Bootleg)

Nuclear Assault Were Featured Today On Todays Metal Matinee" The Doctor Is In". Here Is A Concert By The Band From Newark,NJ In 1992
Nuclear Assault 6/11/92 Newark,NJ"

01 Sign In Blood
02 Fashion Junkie
03 Too Young To Die
04 Critical Mass
05 Rise From The Ashes
06 Brainwashed
08 Game Over
09 Butt Fuck
10 Justice
11 When Freedom Dies
12 Feel The Pain
13 Another Violent End

Nuclear Assault

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio 1942-2010

A Legend Is Lost Ronnie James Dio. Rest In Peace.

"The Doctor Is In" 5/20/10 On The Metal Matinee

"The Doctor Is In" On This Edition Of The Metal Matinee. Join Me In The Waiting Room,While You Wait For The Cure To Your Metal Blues.. 5/20/10 At 12:00pm EST

Sunday, May 9, 2010

On Vacation Will Return 5/20/10

The Show Is On Vacation This Week, So Sit Back And Enjoy Some Past Episodes That Have Been Locked Up In The Vaults!
See You on May 20thth At 12:00pm EST
Check Out Some Past Interviews With The Scorpions,Heaven And Hell,Whiplash,Jag Panzer,Testament,Joe Lynn Turner,Bitch And Many More...

Iron Angel "Power Metal Attack" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

A Little German Speed Metal On Tap, In This Weeks Demo-lition Segment. With Iron Angel And Their 1984 Demo "Power Metal Attack" This Demo Was Added To The Re Mastered Hellish Crossfire Album From 2004. But Here is The Original Tape.

For This Weeks Show With Guest Jetboy

Iron Angel "Power Attack Demo"

1. Open the Gate (intro)
2. Devil's Gate
3. Rush of Power
4. Maniac of the Night
5. Sea of Flames
6. Wife of the Devil
7. Hounds of Hell

Iron Angel

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mickey,Billy & Fernie Of Jetboy and Mistress Tina Of Desdemon

 Another Big Show On Tap This Week. First Up Mickey Finn,Billy Rowe And Fernie Rod Of Jetboy Stop By To Talk Up The Bands New Record "Off Your Rocker" And From My Hometown Of NY Mistress Tina Of Desdemon. Sunday 5/9/10 At 6:00pm EST

TSA-2/7/82 Poland(MM Bootleg)

I Did Not Have Any Of TheBands From Todays Show In My Collection Or Any Other Site I Use, To Offer As A MM Bootleg. Got Lucky And Found This TSA Concert On A Polish Blogspot. The Only Thing I'm Not Sure About Is The Date, Tried My Best To Translate.

For This Weeks Show Listen Here:
"The Wide World Of Metal: Poland"

TSA-Live Poland 2/7/82:

1.Manekin Disco
5.Plan Życia
6.Chodzą Ludzie
8.Mass Media
9.TSA Rock


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Sunday, May 2, 2010

"The Wide World Of Metal:Poland" 5/6/10 On The Metal Matinee

Its Time To Grab The Boarding Pass Once Again,This Time We Head To Poland To Sample All The Metal Fare This Country Has Offered Over the Years. 5/6/10 At 12:00pm EST On The Metal Matinee.

Listen Here:

ADX-1984 Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Today I Offer The First Demo By French Speed Metal Band ADX. Formed In 1982 And Still Productive And Active Today,Releasing Their Latest Record "Division Blindee" In 2008.
 Enjoy This Trip Down Memory Lane.

For This Weeks Show Listen Here:

ADX 1984 Demo:
2.Déesse du Crime
4.L' Etranger
6.Le Fléau de Dieu


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