Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Metaly Insane" 7/1/10 On The Metal Matinee

Going Insane!! On This Edition Of The Metal Matinee. Tear Off The Straight Jacket And Join Me In The Rubber Room On 7/1/10 At 1:00pm For The Craziest Metal Anywhere.

Iron Fist 1983 Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

 Iron Fist
Before They Became Helloween...They Were Iron Fist. There Is Very Little Info About This Demo Anywhere That I Could Find. No Logo,Picture Or Anything Else The Shot Below Is A Early Version Of Helloween. But Its Their One And Only Recording!

For This Weeks Show
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Iron Fist 1983 Demo:

1.Cold Heart
3.Ain't No Fantasy

Iron Fist

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bobby Messano of Starz & Jayce Landberg 6/27/10

Six String Mayhem Erupts Tonight With Guitar Masters Bobby Messano Of Starz,JLT And Messano Followed By Swedens Jayce Landberg Who Calls In To Talk About His New Record.
6/27/10 At 6:00pm EST

Cro Mags 8/6/86 Pittsburg,PA(MM Bootleg)

The Cro-Mags Were Featured On Todays "The Year In Metal:1986" Show.The Cro-Mags Were One Of The Best Hardcore Bands To Come Out Of NY in The 80's. So Here Is A Show From 1986.

For This Weeks Show
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Cro-Mags 8/6/86 Pittsburg,PA:

1-We gotta know
2-World Peace
3-Show No Mercy
5-Street justice
6-Survival of the streets
7-Seekers of the truth
8-It's the limit
9-Hard times
10-By myself
11-Don't tread on me
12-Face the facts
13-do unto others
14-Life of my own
15-Sign of the times
16-Crush the demonic


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Sunday, June 20, 2010

"The Year In Metal:1986" 6/24/10 On The Metal Matinee

The Countdown Continues It's 1986 And Thanks To The Hair Bands Metal Is Known All Over The World, Thrash Bands Are Carving Out A Nitch That Still Hold Till Today And Metallica Are About To Change The World With Master Of Puppets. Join Me On This Edition Of The Metal Matinee 6/24/10 At 1:00pm EST

Sabbat(UK)-"Fragments Of A Faith Forgotten Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Still Active After Reforming A Few Years Back Sabbat ,Were A Very Underated Band Durring Their Day. They Have Not Released A New Record Since 1991's 'Mourning Has Broken' And Never Put Out New Material. So Lets Go Back To The Begining. Here Is The Bands Second Demo From 1987. Listen To Sabbat On Tonights Show
For This Weeks Show
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Sabbat - Fragments of a Faith Forgotten

Sabbat(UK) Fragments Of A Fath Forgotten Demo 1987:

1-A Cautionary Tale
2-Hossana In Excelsis
3-For Those Who Died


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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Matt Camacho of Forbidden 6/20/10

Thrash Masters Forbidden Are Back... With A Vengeance!
Their First Record In 13 Years "Omega Waves" Is Out Soon Plus Their Upcoming Tour With Overkill Take Them Coast To Coast Starting This Fall. Join Me And My Guest Matt CAmacho This Sunday Night 6/20/10 Starting At 6:00pm EST.

Wild Dogs 6/29/84 Seattle Washington(MM Bootleg)

The Wild Dogs Are The Featured Artist On Todays "The Heaviest Bands In The World" Metal Matinee Show. I Wanted To Play Something Off The Fatt Matt Record But Since The Original Wild Dogs Are Back For A Reunion I Went WIth Them.
For This Weeks Show

Wild Dogs 6/29/84 Seattle,WA

1) Intro
2) Stick to Your Guns
3) Woman in Chains
4) Up Against the Wall
5) Evil in Me
6) Deen Castronova solo
7) Rank n File
8) Jeff Mark solo
9) Livin’ on the Streets
10) Believe in Me
11) Tonight Show
12) Life is a Game

Wild Dogs

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

"The Heaviest Metal In The World" 6/17/10 On The Metal Matinee

There Are Two Ways To Be The Heaviest Band In The World And Thats Sound, Or In This Case Size. "The Heaviest Bands In The World" 6/17/10 At 1:00pm EST On The Metal Matinee. Bigger Is Better!

Overkill "Power In Black" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

One Of The All Time Classic Demo Tapes, Overkills "Power In Black" Burst On The Scene In 1983 With The Power And Fury Of An Atomic Blast. Over Twenty Five Years Later, The Band Is Still Assaukting Our Senses. Would Love To See "The Beast Withen" On Record One Day!

Overkill "Power In Black" Demo:

01. Overkill
02. The Beast Within
03. There's No Tomorrow
04. Death Rider
05. Raise the Death


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear & Erik Hansen of Fallen Angels 6/13/11

Fear Is In The Air With My Guest Ralf Scheepers Of GermanPower Metal Monsters
Primal Fear! Followed By Seattles Finest: Fallen Angels. Guitarist Erik Hansen Checks In To Talk About The Groups Latest Record. Sunday 6/13/11 At 6:00pm EST

Liege Lord 5/25/85 New Jersey(MM Bootleg)

A Band I Always Wished Would Have Hit It Big, Liege Lord.They Were Pure Balls Out Heavy Metal. After A Few Records And Line Up Changes,The Band Called It A Day At The End Of the 80's. Reuniting Briefly in The Early Part of 2000 For A Festival. Today They Are The Featured Metal Matinee Artist On "The United States Of Metal:CT"

For This Weeks Show
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Liege Lord 5/25/85 NJ:

1.veils of death
2.dark tale
4.wielding iron fist
6.birds of prey
8.rage of angels
10.for the king
12.cast out
13.walking fire

Liege Lord

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

"The United States Of Metal: Connecticut" 6/10/10 On The Metal Matinee

Heading Back To The East Coast After A Long Trip Around The Midwest. The Tour Bus Pulls Into Connecticut This Week. The Nutmeg States Hardest On This Weeks Metal Matinee.
6/10/10 At 1:00pm EST
The Metal Matinee Is Back At 1:00pm EST Starting This Week!

Midas Touch "Ground Zero" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Midas Touch Were One Of Many Thrash Metal Bands To Hit The Scene In The Late 80's And Like Most Of The Thrash Bands To Emerge At That Time They Fell Into Obscurity. I Appreciate This Tape More Now, Than I Did Back In The Day. Thanks To The LJ Gang For The Link. Enjoy!
For This Weeks Show With Guest Ron Keel

Midas Touch - Ground Zero

Midas Touch Demo

1.Pow Wow
2.(The Shape) Of Rage
3.When The Boot Comes Down
4.Subside Vision
6.M.A.D. (Armed For Justice)
7.The Dice
9.Instant Blaze
10.Tatsch Tooo Matsch

Midas Touch

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gil Moore Of Triumph 6/6/10

Gil Moore Of Canadian Rock And Roll Hall of Famer's Triumph, Will Be My Guest On Tonights Show! The Band Getting Ready To Support Their "Greatest Hits: Remixed" CD.

The Ron Keel Interview That Was Scheduled For Today Had To Be Changed. Due To Me Changing The Shows Time This Week. Ron Tried His Best And Will Be On In The Next Few Weeks. Sorry To Ron Keel And Everyone Else!

Mercyful Fate 10/31/81 Herley,Denmark(MM Bootleg)

Who Better To Represent The Man Below Than Mercyful Fate. Thats Why They Are This Weeks Metal Matinee Featured Artist. Excellent soundboard Recording From 1995.
For More Mercyful Fate Check Out Todays Show.
For This Weeks Show

01 - A Corpse Without Soul
02 - Walking Back To Hell
03 - On A Night Of Full Moon
04 - Return Of The Vampire
05 - Black Masses
06 - Satan's Fall
07 - Doomed By The Living Dead
08 - Shadow Night (Devil's Daugter) *1
09 - Jam Session / Guitar Solo
10 - Curse Of The Pharaohs

Mercyful Fate

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