Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kai Hansen Of Gamma Ray & Davey Muise Of Vanna 7/3/11

Kai Hansen Of German Power Metal Master's Gamma Ray Is My Guest.
7/3/11 At 6:00pm EST

The Rods 5/25/11 Wilkes Barre,PA(MM Bootleg)

The Rods Are Back With A 'Vengeance'!
 Playing Out Behind A Kick Ass Comeback Record,The Band Are Today's Featured Metal Matinee Bootleg Artist. Listen To The Rods On Todays "American Made" Show And Pick Up The New Album Vegeance Today.

Listen To This Weeks Show Here:

The Rods 5/25/11 The Gallery Of Sound -Wilkes Barre ,PA:

00. Soundcheck
01. Smoke On The Horizon
02. Evil In Me
03. Runnin' Wild
04. Hurricane
05. I Just Wanna Rock
06. Devils Child
07. Let Them Eat Metal
08. Born To Rock
09. Ride Free Or Die
10. Cold Sweat And Blood
11. Nothing Going On In The City
12. Crank It Up
13. Power Lover
14. Ending words from David (way at the end

The Rods

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

"American Made" 6/30/11 On The Metal Matinee

'American Made' And Damn Proud Of It! Celebrating The Fourth Of July With All American Metal!
6/30/11 At 1:00pm EST On The Metal Matinee

Kubali Khan First Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

Kubali Khan

I Could Not Find Any Info On This Band Anywhere. They Are Either From France Or The UK Not Really Sure. Decent Hard Rock From The Late 80's. Not To Be Confused With US Thrash Band  Of The Same Name. Check Them Out On Tonight's Show

For This Weeks Show:
Listen Here

Kublai Khan-First Demo

1-Princess Of The Night
2-We Won't Rock
3-Feel In Love

Kubali Khan

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brian Thomas and George Neal Of Halloween & Lennie Rizzo Of Exxplorer

Tonight My Guest Are
 Brian Thomas And George Neal Of Halloween
And Lennie Rizzo Of Exxplorer
Join Me 6/26/11 At 6:00pm EST

The Mentors 12/28/84 Seattle,Wa(MM Bootleg

The Paciffic Northwest Is Featured On Today's Metal Matinee "The Wide World Of Metal:Washington"
And Who Better To Represent The Area Than The Mentors. Enjoy This Concert From 1984.

01.Natural born loser
02.Women from Sodom
03.Corn shucker
04.Four f club
05.Free fix
06.Sandwich of love
07.My erection is over

Sunday, June 19, 2011

"The United States Of Metal:Washington" 5/23/11

Before Grunge Metal Ruled The Land! Hop On The Tour Bus as We Pull Into The State Of Washington For This Edition Of The United States Of Metal. 5/23/11 At 1:00pm EST

Original Sin(UK) 'Burning' Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

Hailing From Liverpool,Original Sin Came To Be In The Late 70's. Formed By The Brunskill Brother's In 1979. Part Of The NWOBHM Wave Until Their Demise In The Mid 80's. The Only Recordings Listed By The Band Was A Single From 1984. I Found This Demo On A Great Site I Recently Joined.  So Thanks To The Uploader. Listen To Original Sin On Tonight's Show.

For This Weeks Show:

Original Sin - Photo
Original Sin 'Burning' Demo:

2-Calm Before The Storm
3-Make Or Break

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bob Mitchell Of Sleepy Hollow 6/19/11

The Headless Horseman Ride's Again! Vocalist Bob Mitchell Call's In Tonight To Talk About The Upcoming Sleepy Hollow Record And His Years In Metal.

Heaven 2/16/84 San Antonio Texas-King Bisquit(MM Bootleg)


Heaven Are The Featured Artist From Today's Metal Matinee "School's Out". Heaven Have All But Disappeared From Most People's Memory Today. But Back In The 80's They Rocked.
Here Is The King Bisquit Radio Broadcast From Back In 1984. Some Useless Info:
Ronnie James Dio Sings Backing Vocal On The Album  Version Of 'Where Angels Fear To Tread' And Is Credited As Evil Eye's.

For This Weeks Show Listen Here:

Take You Higher
Scream For Me
Where Angels Fear To Tread
Rock School


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

"School's Out" 6/16/11 On The Metal Matinee

It's That Time Of Year Once Again....School Is Out!
 This Week On The Metal Matinee 6/12/11 At 1:00pm EST

Hawaii(Ger) 'Bottle And Four Coconuts' Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

This Was The German Version Of Hawaii. Formed By Tonight's Guest Chris Boltendahl After Digger Broke Up In The Late 80's. Most Of The Songs From This Demo,Appeared On The Grave Digger Album ' The Reaper' A few Years Later.

For This Weeks Show:
Listen Here

Hawaii - Bottles And Four Coconuts

Hawaii-'Bottle And Four Coconuts' Demo:
2-Shout It Out
3-Spy On Masson
4-Fight The Fight
5-Shadows Of A Moonlit Night
6-Back To The Roots
7-Play Your Game
8-Dont Bring Me Down
9-Wedding Day
10-Ruler Mr. H
11-Ride On(Straight To The Sky)


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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger & Brian Lee Of Enforcer 6/12/11

My Guest This Week Are Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger And Brian Lee Of Chicago's Enforcer!
6/12/11 At 6:00pm EST

Cirith Ungol 1/19/83 The Roxy Los angeles ,CA(MM Bootleg)

Cirith Ungol Were Featured On Today's Metal Matine 'The Dark'. Here Is An Excellent Sounding Live Bootleg Provided By Strad. Enjoy! And Listen To Todays Show.

The Roxy Club Los Angeles 1/19/83

1) Atom Smasher
2) I’m Alive
3) Black Machine
4) Master of the Pit
5) King of the Dead
6) Death of the Sun
7) Finger of Scorn
8) Cirith Ungol

Sunday, June 5, 2011

'In The Dark' 6/9/11 On The Metal Matinee

Some Thing's Are Best Left..... In The Dark!
Thursday 6/9/11 At 1:00pm On the Metal Matinee

Together Second Demo 1983(Demo-lition Segment)

Formed In The Late 70's,Together Released Two Demo Tapes Along With An EP Before calling It A Day. Here Is Their Second Demo From 1983. Thanks To Strad. Check Out Together On Tonight's Show.

Together - Photo

Together 1983 Demo

1-Burn In Hell
3-Heavy Metal Lady
4-All Night

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meric Sarkhov & Stevie Z Of Luna Strega 6/5/11

The New Guard Of NJ/NY Metal  Are On Display Tonight With My Guest Meric Sarkhov & Stevie Z  Of Luna Strega. Tune In To Hear Song's Off The Brand New Album.
 6/5/11 At 6:00pm EST

Judas Priest 7/5/80 Calderone Concert Hall, Long Island,NY (MM Bootleg)

Here Is A Great Soundboard Bootleg Of Judas Priest Live In NY 1980. We had Some Fun Today Showcasing All The Drummer's Priest Have Gone Through Since They Started. Check Out Today's Show 'This Is Judas Priest'

Judas Priest Long Island NY 7/5/80

01. Hell Bent For Leather
02. The Ripper
03. Running Wild
04. Living After Midnight
05. Sinner
06. Beyond The Realms Of Death
07. You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
08. The Grinder
09. Victim Of Changes
10. Steeler
11. Genocide
12. Tyrant
13. Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)