Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Survival Of The Fittest 1992" 11/3/11 On The Metal Matinee

The 90's Are Just Getting Started..But Heavy Metal Is Starting To Go On Life Support.
See Who Survived The Decade! 11/3/11 At 1:00pm EST

Listen Here

Poltergeist 'Behind The Wall' (Demo-Lition Segment)

Poltergeist Is Up For Grabs Tonight With Their Second Demo Tape 'Behind The Wall' The Band Started Out As Carrion In 1983 Releasing A few Demo Tapes And One Album  Changing their Name In 1985 and Continuing On Until The Mid 90's.

For This Weeks Show

Poltergeist-'Behind The Wall' Demo:

1. Writing on the Wall

2. Inner Space
3. Shooting Star


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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Margarita Monet From Edge Of Paradise And Bob Mitchell Of Sleepy Hollow 10/30/11

My Guest This Week Are Margarita Monet From Edge Of Paradise. The Band Just released Their Debut Album Mask. Ready To Fill Us In On All The Latest Sleepy Hollow New's Singer Bob Mitchell Return's.
Sunday 10/30/11 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Possessed 1/3/86 Balboa Theater,CA(MM Bootleg)

Possessed Are the Featured Artist From Today's "Horror-Ween Spooktackular IV" Here Is A Show From The Begining Of 86' Featuring All Those Early Classic Songs.

Possessed 1/3/86 Balboa Theater,CA:

1- The exorcist
2- Pentagram
3- Satan's curse
4- Holy Hell
5- Burning in Hell
6- Evil warriors
7- 7 Churches
8-Death Metal

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Horror-Ween Spooktacular IV" 10/27/11 On The Metal Matinee

It's That Time Of Year... When The Dead Shall Rise And Madness reignS On The Metal Matinee's "Horror-Ween Spooktachular IV" 10/27/11 At 1:00pm EST.

Burn 1984 Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

Burn Were Your Typical 80's Swediah Heavy Metal Band. releasing One Album In 1983 And Folling it Up With This Demo A Year Later And A EP In 1988.

For This Weeks Show
Listen here
Burn - Photo

Burn 1984 Demo:

1. Rock What You'Ve Got
2. Almost Free 
3. Sign Of Rock
4. Can't Think Of A Reason
5. The Way You Want It


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tony Dolan Of Atomkraft/Mpire Of Evil And Pat Burns Of Deathrash 10/23/11

My Guest Tonight Are Tony Dolan Of Mpire Of evil,Atomkraft And Venom
Plus Pat Burns Of Deathrash Sunday 10/23/11 At 6:00pm EST

Acid 7/10/84 Enschede Belgium(MM Bootleg)

Hell Was On Fire Today, On The Metal Matinee! Acid Was The Featured Artist On Today's Program. Here Is A Live Bootleg Of the Band From Back In 1984!

For This Weeks Show:

Acid - Live In Enschede 07/10/84 (Bootleg)

01 - Acid
02 - Maniac
03 - Hooked On Metal
04 - Bottoms Up
05 - Max Overload
06 - Black Car
07 - Lost In Hell
08 - No Time
09 - Exterminator
10 - Satan's Delivery
11 - Drop Dead


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Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Hell's On Fire" 10/20/11 On The Metal Matinee

"Hell Is On Fire" Today On The Metal Matinee
Thursday 10/20/11 At 1:00pm EST

Trojan 1982 Demo(Demo Lition Segment)

Some Early 80's NWOBHM On Tap In The Demo-Lition Segment This Week.
Trojan Released Four Demo Tapes Between 82-84 Before Releasing Their Debut Album 'Chasing The Storm' In 1985. Tonight Up For Grabs Is The Band's First Tape.

Listen Here

Tröjan - Demo I 
01 - Premonition
02 - Cheater
03 - Love Fever
04 - Dealer
05 - Renegades


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tracii Guns Of LA Guns And Matt Thrasher Of Joe Thrasher 10/16/11

My Guest's This Week Are Tracii Guns Of LA Guns And
Matt Thrasher Of Canadian Metal Maniacs Joe Thrasher!
 Tune In Sunday 10/16/11 At 6:00pm EST

Celtic Frost 7/21/86 Austin Texas(MM Bootleg)

Today Celtic Frost Were Featured On The Metal Matinee 'Timeline:Celtic Frost' Here Is A Bootleg From Austin Texas Back In 1986. Check Out Today's Show Below.

Celtic Frost 7/21/86 Austin Texas

1. Into the crypt of rays
2. Circle of the tyrants
3. The usurper
4. Visions of mortality
5. Eternal summer
6. Return to the eve
7. Jewel throne
8. Dethroned emperor
9. Procreation of the wicked
10. Morbid tales

Sunday, October 9, 2011

'Timeline:Celtic Frost" 10/13/11 On The Metal Matinee

Let's Go Into the Pandemonium On The Metal Matinee With 'Timeline Celtic Frost'.
Covering The Bands Album's Start To Finish.
10/13/11 At 1:00pm EST

Jackhammer 'Lethal Injection' Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

This Was The Demo Tape That Started It All Off For Me. New Jersey's Jackhammer And Their First Demo 'Lethal Injection' From 1983. The Band Featured Chris Ott,Tony Scaglione And Rob Harding. Not The Best Sound Quality(And Thats Being Kind). The Songs Take Me Back everytime I Play This Tape. The Band Followed This Up With The 'Chainsaw Love' Demo And The Addition Of Tony Portaro Before Packing The Name Away And Becoming Whiplash!

Jackhammer - Lethal Injection

JackHammer-Lethal Injection Demo:

1-Satan Will Fall
2-Live By The Sword
3-Kil The King
4-Demons End

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mark Davis Of Chimaira 10/9/11

Welcome To 'The Age Of Hell' With My Guest
Mark Davis Of Chimaira 10/9/11 At 6:00pm EST

Destruction 11/30/85 Montreal Canada(MM Bootleg)

This Week On The Metal Matine 'Piece By Piece' Destruction  Were the Featured Artist. I Saw The Band Live This Summer And They Sound As Brutal Today As They Did Back In 1985.

Listen Here

Destruction WWIII Festival Montreal Canada

1-Thrash Attack
2-Death Trap
4-Beastial Invasion
5-Invinsible Force
6-The Ritual
8-Black Masses
9-Mad Butcher

Sunday, October 2, 2011

'Piece By Piece' 10/6/11 On The Metal Matinee

Let The Music Tear You Apart 'Piece By Piece' Today On The Metal Matinee!
Thursday 10/6/11 At 1:00pm EST

Listen Here

Diamond Head 'Flight East' Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

This Is The Demo For The Band's 'Flight East' Album From 1984 .This Album Was Never Released. The Band Was Dropped By Their Record  Label MCA At The Tima And After Failing To Get A Record Contract Anywhere Else They Broke Up. The Record Never Saw The Light Of Day. This Album Is So Far Away From The Original Diamond Head Sound. Listen And Let Me Know What You Think!

Diamond Head 'Flight East' Demo:

1. Be Good
2. A New Messiah
3. Someone Waiting
4. Today
5. Back in the Powerage

Diamond Head