Sunday, January 4, 2009

'Origin Of Species-A Metal Evolution' On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

Darwins Theory Of Evolution Goes Metal This Week. Where Did It Start ? How Has It Progressed ? And How It Sounds Today ? I Think The Majority Of Us Agree It Was Spawned Out Of The Tar Pits Of Birmingham,England In 1969 With Black Sabbath..From There We Will Follow It's Evolution To The Pinnacle Of Metal, The 1980's. Before Grunge Sent Us Back Into The Abyss For A Decade. Listen In The Coming Month's For Part II 'Phoenix Rising' The Rebirth And Relaunch Of Metal.......
Want To Thank Black Acid Souls For Calling In Tonight. Was Not Expecting That. Sorry I Had
Such A Bad Connection It Was Hard To Hear Everything That Was Said. I Really Appreciate Their Support Of The Show!

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